how many languages can we speak on plime?
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4 years ago
i think this is going to be way rad.

i speak American english with hints of british spellings thrown in, and i've studied japanese for a year, and spanish for a year as well. know a little bit of korean, but it is quite broken. i took french for 3 years in high school and one class in college. as a result, i can speak some incredibly broken french.

lastly, i can woo a british person with my american accent to be my british instructor. i am currently working on how to say "anything" in british.
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4 years ago

Je parle un petit peu Français. Mais je pense que Wildminou c'est mieux.
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4 years ago
I speak two languages.....

English and Texan.
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4 years ago
Francais- un peu (a bit of French)
Gaeilge- píosa beag (a (tiny) little bit of Irish)

Ich kein spreche deutsch (I don't speak German)
Non parlo Italiano (I don't speak Italian)
No hablo Espanol (I don't speak Spanish)

And last but certainly not least, I of course speak English
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4 years ago
I know a little bit of Yiddish and a bit of German. I understand a lot of French and can speak some as well. I'm out of practice, though.
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4 years ago
I speak English, of course.
I also speak a little french (tourist french) and a little german (Rammstein and tourist)
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4 years ago
I speak German, Greek and a little bit of broken French. I'm going to be taking Japanese classes come January though.

Kitsune86, it's actually, "Ich spreche kein Deutsch." Close enough though. ;)
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4 years ago
Og hcids epvjfusk*

*I speak gibberish.
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4 years ago
I took Spanish for 4 years in high school.
I am learning Chinese now (so 2 1/2 months worth).
I know a bit of sign language but I don't know if that counts...
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4 years ago
Iay peaksay Igpay Atinlay (utbay itway oesday equireray omesay oughtthay).

And a smattering of Klingon phrases.
"nuq Daq yuch dapol?" is clearly a very important phrase ("where do you keep the chocolate?")
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4 years ago
German is my mother tongue, and I speak some decent English. I've learned Latin, too, but I think nobody ever speaks it.

Ho studiato l'italiano, ma ho forgotten everything.

Oh, and I once took a sign language class, but all I can remember is some dirty stuff.
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4 years ago
Un po d'Italiano.

Did I say that correctly?
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4 years ago
Eu sou português e essa é a minha língua principal...
(I'm portuguese and that's my main language)

Anche ho studiato qualche cosa d'italiano...
Et un peu de français...
Sé aún un poquito de castellano (español) - hablo bien pero escribo muy mal...
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4 years ago
Java (barely)
Visual Basic
Basic (very rusty though!)
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4 years ago
Well, besides English, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Seriously, ein bisschen (a little). (Hopefully Suckersklub or Apex will correct me of I got that wrong...) I've forgotten most of it, and even when I had a better handle on it, I couldn't understand conversations with people who were fluent, because it all went too fast for me.

We really ought to teach our kids languages from much younger ages in the US. It's so much harder to learn them once you're grown.
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4 years ago
I speak English, a few spanish curses, some curses in German and French, and a few curses in Creolew which I just learned this weekend from one of my Haitian co-workers. Fout, Bouzin!
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4 years ago
Basic, html (is that really a language?), C+, SQL, .ASP, .NET

English, French, and ASL. ASL is a full language---though knowing a few signs might not count. ;)
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4 years ago
« pocksucket : en-ee-thing?
no pocksie, no. well, maybe it is different in different parts of england? my friend is british(i don't know where from exactly) but she moved to the US when she was 10 and lost her accent. i noticed, however, that she says, "anything" differently. i thought maybe it was just a quirk of hers, but i heard this song and am convinced it is a british thing.

go here:

listen to the first 30 seconds of the song, "destroy everything you touch" (it is number one in top track, last week). you can hit the tiny play button next to the song. listen to the line "anything that may desert you...". it is the second line in the song. it sounds something like, "eh-neh-thin" but for some reason, i can't physically say it.

though i find charm in all accents i come across, i am particularly fond of british and canadian accents. i wish i could travel across the two nations to hear all of the accents. i love all the different accents across the US. i've always wondered if people outside of america thought we sounded charming. maybe american southern accents sound cool to people in lithuania or something. or maybe fargo-esque accents sound cool to people in zimbabwe. who knows.
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4 years ago
« suckersklub : German is my mother tongue, and I speak some decent English. I've learned Latin, too, but I think nobody ever speaks it.

Ho studiato l'italiano, ma ho forgotten everything.

Oh, and I once took a sign language class, but all I can remember is some dirty stuff.
maybe someday you and apex can teach me something more than, "scheisse."
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4 years ago
English, fluent sign language (SEE, not ASL), and some Spanish.

English is my first language (I is a American). My brother has been deaf since the age of 3, so I've been signing for over 25 years and actually worked as a hearing impaired interpreter for a while. Took three years of Spanish in high school, and I remember some of the more important stuff.

¿Dónde está el baño?

I consider ^that^ fairly important.
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4 years ago
"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir"

People who speak French are tempted to think that this is the only french words that americans can say. I'm glad to see that is totally wrong

My main language is French, but I use English nearly every day (at work, or on Plime)

Once you know French, Latin, Spanish and Italian are really easy. I understand Italian, but mix spanish and Italian when I want to speak.

I once fell in love with Hungary when I was there, but my heart was broken when I tried to speak it

A viszontlátásra
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