Google Executive gone missing in Egypt
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3 months ago
According to WSJ, Google executive personnel Wael Ghonim has gone missing in Egypt. The missing person happens to be head of marketing for the Middle East and North Africa at Google.

Whole news:
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3 months ago
This would probably be better suited to the news section.

I'd also recommend not using a blog for news sources wherever possible. In this particular case there are plenty of other sources.

The reason is that unscrupulous spammers will try to drive traffic to their blogs by posting them here, thus increasing their Google ranking by getting more referral clicks.

And we don't like that - we want the content to be submitted because it's good, not because of some other agenda.
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3 months ago
Just put his name in google maps, and it will give you even instructions how to drive to wherever he is.
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1 week ago
but how its possible
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5 days ago
Now a days Egypt is not a safe place for serving any type of commercial service.
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